Fashion Eyewear



TotalEyeCare Centers is dedicated to providing the most advanced ophthalmic products and the latest optical fashions.

New advancements in lens materials allow for lighter, thinner, safer, and more attractive lenses than ever before. These high-index lenses are an excellent choice to enhance your comfort and wear.

Lens manufacturers have also developed digitally-surfaced progressive (no-line) multifocal designs that provide excellent vision and focus transition, even in the most popular small frame sizes and designs. We also provide designs that reduce lens thickness, weight, and visual distortions and are a great option for higher prescriptions.

In addition, combination lens treatments are available that offer scratch resistance, UV protection, and anti-reflective properties (glare-free) to enhance your visual experience and protect your eyeglass lens investment.

Beyond fashion, sunglass options have evolved dramatically to offer enhanced visual performance and comfort through the combinations of specific lens tints (colors), polarized lenses, and non-glare lens treatments. Some of the best name-brand options (Oakley, Maui Jim, etc.) are also available with prescriptions.

New frame materials are available that offer thinner, lighter, stronger, and more hypoallergenic options. In addition, frame manufacturers have also developed new plastic designs with alluring laminated color combinations. Contemporary frames have evolved into fashion accessories, rather than just a vision appliance.

The TotalEyeCare Centers team can help you choose the best eyewear for you, balancing prescriptive needs with fashion choices.





Contact lenses should be comfortable and fit your needs, whether you need bifocal contact lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism, contacts for dry eyes, or want to change things up and try a colored lens. At TotalEyeCare Centers, our providers will work with each patient to choose the perfect contact lenses.

Contact lenses are available for nearly any vision correction need, wearing schedule, and wearing environment. Choices may include:

Convenience: daily disposable lenses to extended (continual) wear.

Vision: myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), astigmatism and a wide array of multifocal (bifocal) options.

Materials: soft lenses (hydrophilic), gas permeable lenses (hard), to hybrid designs that blend soft and hard materials together into one lens.

Colored lenses: disposable cosmetic tints that can “enhance” your eye color or “change” your eye color (opaque); to custom-painted prosthetic designs for various eye conditions.

The ultimate goal of your contact lenses is to provide clear and constant vision, immediate and sustained comfort, and convenient, yet effective lens care. New developments now make it possible for us to offer the advantages of contact wear to many more wearers. At TotalEyeCare Centers, we stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in vision technology and are experts at determining the best contact lens prescription for each patient.